metabolic measurement

The future of metabolic phenotyping

This blog post shows a graphic summary of data integrity in parallel, continuous (Promethion-C) vs. multiplexed (all others) metabolic phenotyping systems. Click on the title to read it. Complete with a compelling graphic!

Continuous Metabolic Phenotyping - How Continuous is "Continuous"?

UPDATE added June 2019: Since writing this blog post, I've re-thought the topic of continuous vs. multiplexed metabolic measurement! This post fails to consider the effect of the cage time constant, which substantially reduces, and sometimes entirely eliminates, the advantages of continuous vs. multiplexed metabolic measurement. I'll be dealing with this topic in several upcoming blog posts!

How Multiplexing Distorts Metabolic Phenotyping Data

Multiplexing metabolic signals causes significant data distortion. This post explains how, and gives you access to an amazing, interactive tool for exploring the metabolic data distortions produced by this practically universally-used technique!

Data, data, data!

Sometimes (almost always, if you're a researcher) you just can't get too much data. Click above to see just a subset of the data you can get in a day (and night) from just one busy little mouse.

Welcome to the revitalized!

Just a quick post to let the teeming multitudes (all three of you) know that's long stasis is at an end. I'll be posting new content on a regular basis, much of it available nowhere else. I'll be blogging muchly about Promethion, a new metabolic measurement system for biomedical researchers, but also on other topics.

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