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The future of metabolic phenotyping

This blog post shows a graphic summary of data integrity in parallel, continuous (Promethion-C) vs. multiplexed (all others) metabolic phenotyping systems. Click on the title to read it. Complete with a compelling graphic!

Welcome to the revitalized!

Just a quick post to let the teeming multitudes (all three of you) know that's long stasis is at an end. I'll be posting new content on a regular basis, much of it available nowhere else. I'll be blogging muchly about Promethion, a new metabolic measurement system for biomedical researchers, but also on other topics.

Thoughts on Apple

I've written quite a lot of scientific data acquisition and analysis software, some of which - like Datacan and ExpeData - are in use in many laboratories around the world. I'm often asked: Why don't you write software for Apple computers rather than PCs? There's a reason, or maybe a couple of them, and here they are.

Black boxes versus traceability in metabolic measurement

Anyone who has read Chapter 13 of my book knows that I have a hobby-horse: the accuracy of metabolic rate measurement, especially in the metabolic phenotyping systems that are so widely used in the biomedical field. Now I've taken steps to make some of my (and others'!) misgivings known. 

It's really frustrating to watch otherwise capable researchers in the biomedical field flock to use the same black-box metabolic screening systems that others used before because, well, everyone uses them.

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog, an occasional or sometimes regular blog about metabolic rate measurements and other topics!

This blog follows no rules and no regular publication schedule, though I'll be updating it as regularly as my schedule allows. Most of the emphasis will be on the measurement of metabolic rates, but don't be surprised by asides into sacred or profane areas of discourse.