So I'll be blogging again. Watch this space!

This is just a quick note to let you know that after a scandalously long period of silence, I'll be blogging on this site again.

The reason for the long silence? Well, I've been extremely busy with new developments for metabolic measurement at Sable Systems, finishing the second edition of my definitive metabolic measurement textbook, "Measuring Metabolic Rates: A Manual for Scientists", published by Oxford University Press, plus annoying my enemies and amusing my friends with seditious tweets on Twitter, where I'm known as @SableSys - feel free to follow me!

The reason for blogging again? As the Promethion metabolic phenotyping platform is being adopted by exponentially increasing numbers of labs, core facilities, institutes and pharmaceutical companies, our legacy competitors have become increasingly desperate and hyper-inventive with false claims that range across a broad territory between outright fraud and absurd fantasies seemingly generated by powerful psychedelic drugs. Unfortunately, naïve scientists may be taken in by some of these claims, so they do need to be critically examined in order to maintain the integrity of the metabolic phenotyping field. Otherwise metabolic phenotyping will attain a reputation analogous to mesmerism, homeopathy and the like.

To deal with some of this absurdity In appropriate depth, a longer format is needed than a tweet or even a tweet storm.

Fortunately, there are plenty of informative and interesting topics to cover that don't have to enter this dark territory. So look forward to those as well.